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Service idea

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Service idea


1. Professional Consultants
Professional consultants assist customers in finding the best space application solutions with appropriate products, including consideration of office equipment coordination, storage, lighting, line management
Processing murmurs.
2. Computer Drawing
Professional in-house computer graphics department provides complete services, including space applications and furniture layout, as well as three-dimensional rendering.
3. Professional Transportation and Installation
Senior engineering director visits the site first, and decides transportation and installation plan. Professional technicians are installed as planned.
4. Maintenance
Customers will receive information on how to maintain furniture. Therefore, customers can regularly carry out some furniture maintenance on their own, to maintain the durability and beauty of furniture.
Since its establishment, Zhongxing Furniture Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the business purpose of "surviving by quality, developing by creation and seeking market by reputation", and is committed to providing high-quality services to customers.
"Customer satisfaction is the best reward for our work!" In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests and avoid worries, we solemnly promise:
China-Thailand furniture enjoys five-year warranty, warranty, and lifelong maintenance services.
National Free Service Hotline: 400-6313-138
We hereby offer you the following services:
I. Pre-sale Service
(1) Professional consultation, on-site mapping, measurement and customized services
(2) Planning, Configuration Consulting and Suggestions of Office Space
(3) Free Computer Aided Drawing Design
(4) Arrange customers to visit production workshops and Exhibition halls. If conditions permit, they can arrange to visit customers'sites.
(5) Provide product information, pictures and color plates, and also provide special product information to engineering supporting customers.
II. Service in Sale
(1) Import and produce materials in strict accordance with customer's order requirements, and deliver goods on time.
(2) Professional installers assemble all-weather in accordance with standard operating manuals and drawings to ensure timely and quality completion. Under special circumstances, temporary substitution of other products can be made free of charge.
(3) After assembly, on-site cleaning treatment and instructions for product use and maintenance are carried out.
III. After-sales Service
(1) The company establishes customer files. During the five-year warranty period, special personnel are sent to inspect and return visits by telephone from time to time to understand the use of products and find out problems and solve them in time.
(2) In case of product quality problems during the warranty period, the company will provide free maintenance or replacement; if the customer uses improperly or damages naturally, the cost will be charged as appropriate.
(3) If customers need to reorganize or relocate, they need to change the furniture layout. Our company provides guidance services for planning, design, demolition, installation and debugging.
(4) The hotline for after-sales service is 0757-23390222. After receiving complaints from customers and notifications of repair calls, a reply will be given within 3 hours. After verification by the technical department of the company, the maintenance service personnel will handle and solve the problem in the shortest time.